How to Download TurboTax Online?

Hey! Did you purchase the TurboTax from Intuit to simplify your tax returns and mitigate your headaches for finding tax deductions, and now you want to start using it as soon as possible?

You’ve stumbled at the right place. The following article will walk you through the process of downloading and installing TurboTax without a CD-ROM drive so that you can start filing your taxes right away.

TurboTax is the best market software for sorting and preparing your taxes. Just answer a few questions, and the software intelligently customizes to choose and fill the right forms for you. In addition, it automatically checks all the possible tax deductions, gives access to one-on-one FREE professional guidance, and just everything you would ever need for your taxes.

Follow the necessary instructions in the article, and Boom! Start filing your taxes with confidence as never before.

How to Download TurboTax Using the InstallTurboTax site

The tax laws change every year, and so does the software, as Intuit releases a novel tailor-made version of TurboTax just after divulging new tax laws, which fit the tax laws of the ongoing fiscal year.

 So, the first step is to purchase a license for TurboTax for the ongoing fiscal year.

Buying a TurboTax License or Software Pack

Intuit owns the software package TurboTax, and one needs to either have an already existing account or create an account to buy a license.

There are two easy ways to purchase a license.

(a) The licensed retailer, e.g., Amazon.

(b) Digital copy which comes with a software license

(c) Reseller (Make sure that the program is a legitimate one with a genuine license code and not a pirated version. As piracy is illegal and risks wasting your money)

TurboTax comes with the following editions, each successively going up in functionality and price. You can visit the website: and learn more about the editions and find the best for you.

  • Home & Business
  • Business
  • Premier
  • Deluxe
  • Basic

First Steps for Installation

Before you jump to download the software, ensure a non-fluctuating internet connection, as it may cause trouble in downloading. Also, close other opened apps.

  1. Open your browser, visit , and get to the Sign in page. 
  2. If you have purchased the software from Intuit and have a digital copy, sign in with the same account information you used to purchase the same. 
  3. If you bought it from a retailer, sign in with your current Intuit account (if you have one) or create a new account.

Starting Your TurboTax Download

Once you log in, a new window appears with the text:

 Let’s get your download started

  1. On the same page, it asks for the license code, a sixteen-digit code divided into four sets of four characters, provided when you have purchased the license. 
  2. Keep the code, as it will come in handy during the installation. 
  3. If you have purchased a physical TurboTax package from a retailer, you can find the code in the package itself.
  4. It asks to select the operating system you will be downloading and using your software package, select accordingly, and click on: Get Download
  5. The browser would pop the downloading options ad save the file options in your suitable location. The default for Windows operating systems is the downloads folder.
  6. Suppose your system’s Operating system should be mentioned in the list. In that case, the software package will not work as TurboTax works on the latest(mentioned) versions of Mac OS and Windows to provide security and a smooth experience.

Installing TurboTax

After your browser is finished downloading the software, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. The next step is to locate the folder where the download folder is saved and open the folder. You will find a file by the name: TurboTax.exe. It is the executable file for installation.
  2. Opening the file will start the installation process. 
  3. The Windows Installer pops up on the screen and guides you through the basic formalities of installation, which will take a couple of minutes to complete.

Installing TurboTax on an Android Device 

Wish to keep your tax return filings accessible on your Android?

Either install TurboTax from or visit the Google play store and download it.

For downloading it via Google Play Store on Android:

  • Open up the Google play store app on your Android device.
  • Search for TurboTax in the search bar on the top.
  • Find the TurboTax app with the right logo and tap on Install.
  • After the app is installed;
  • Either use your existing login details or create a new account.
  • And complete the steps to file your taxes. Easy!

Installing TurboTax on a Windows 10 PC Without a CD-ROM Drive

  • Ensure all other applications are closed before downloading TurboTax
  • Switch off the firewall application, as it may hinder in downloading process.
  • Proceed further to with a web browser and stable internet connection.
  • Sign in with your existing Intuit account or create one(as necessary).
  • Read and select the TurboTax version as per the needs you want to download.
  • Tap to download to start the installation process and follow the prompts under finished.


Q.1 What if Let’s get your download Start is not found on the page?

Then proceed to Downloads and select the required product from the list. After you download TurboTax, close your browser.

Q.2 What if TurboTax won’t install on Windows 10? 

If you have trouble downloading the file, ensure your browser allows cookies and pop-up windows. 

The Firewall and VPN may be turnoff temporarily as required. In addition, if you have recently uninstalled McAfee software on your PC, you might need to remove the leftover files to complete the installation.

The antivirus may also hinder the downloading process. While most antivirus programs do not hinder it, some do. So, it’s better to deactivate the Antivirus program and reactivate it after the installation.

Q.3 Where Can I Get Help Completing My Taxes Once I’ve Downloaded and Installed TurboTax?

If you need help using the program, consider using the TurboTax Screen Sharing support service at

This allows individuals to get help if they struggle with individual steps when trying to complete their taxes. The user interface is similar to Glance Intuit, but instead of providing support for QuickBooks users, it offers support for TurboTax users.


TurboTax offers the best-in-class solutions for filing your taxes and ensures to factor in all possible deductions. The downloading and installation process is quite simple, and the above article may have helped.