What is Glance Intuit?

Glance Intuit is a remote screen-sharing software application that can be used for MAC and Windows operating systems. The application is QuickBooks for the users of Intuit ProConnect Tax Online to connect remotely to a trained agent of Intuit. Then their screen is shared for quick answers to questions related to using QuickBooks and ProConnect. 

How does screen sharing work?

You need to download and install the software for screen sharing. Then visit Intuit’s QuickBooks screen sharing department and fire up the downloaded application. The agent will need the on-screen code to connect with your computer remotely. 

How to download Glance Intuit?

Downloading the Glance Intuit is a hassle-free task. You need to visit glance.intuit.com, click the download ‘icon,’ and the application will be downloaded within a few minutes. 

How can I install Glance Intuit?

Once the application has been downloaded, find it where it is stored on your system. For instance, in Windows, downloaded files, by default, are stored in the Downloads folder. To run the Windows Installer, double-click the .exe file, and the application will start downloading. Next, the Windows Installer will ask you to agree to let it install the application. Once you agree, it will be installed within a few minutes. 

How can I update Glance Intuit to its latest version?

You can visit the official site of Glance Intuit to update your software to its latest version. Click on the ‘download’ icon, and your application will automatically download. Once the application is downloaded, follow the above-described application installation process. The older version of the software will be overwritten automatically from your system. 

How can I start the remote session?

To start the remote session, you must contact the online support of Intuits’ QuickBooks. Tell them that you want to commence a remote screen-sharing session, and your call will be directed to the agent who is specialized in handling such queries. 
Visit the official website of Glance Intuit and click on the ‘Having Trouble’ link displayed in the bottom left. Then click the link given in step 3 to start the session. You will see a popup with a 5-digit code, give this code to the agent on the call, and he will use this code to connect remotely with your system.

Can Glance Intuit be used on my mobile phone or tablet?

Glance Intuit can’t be used on mobile or tablet operating systems, including Android phones or iPhones. This application only works on the Windows and MAC operating systems.

Is it safe to use Glance Intuit?

Yes, it is safe to use Glance Intuit as this application is directly offered by Intuit, the creators of ProConnect Tax Online and QuickBooks. 

What if I am uncomfortable with sharing my screen?

Remote sharing is a concept that has been introduced previously across the world. Many reputable enterprises have been using this concept for the past few years. However, now that you will be directly connecting to the employee of Intuit, there is no need to worry. If you are still hesitant, you can close any programs or Windows with your personal details before sharing your screen. Moreover, our software provides the feature of disconnecting from the remote session at any time just by clicking the hang-up button in the application. 

What if I am uncomfortable giving control of my computer to a stranger?

You are not sharing the control of your computer with a stranger but with a professional and highly trained employee working for Intuit. Furthermore, as mentioned above, when feeling uncomfortable, you can disconnect from the remote session by clicking the application’s hang-up button.