How To Download Quickbooks

Turbotax is a software designed to file and prepare tax reforms. It requires a 16-digit license code to start the process. Using TurboTax, you can maximize your tax returns and arrange them in a logical and accurate order. There’s a similar software designed by Intuit which stores the data on the cloud and keeps an eye on your regular banking activities.

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Like TurboTax, QuickBooks can be a great source of help to small as well as big businesses. It is software that looks into GST accounting methods. Quickbooks not only helps you with GST accounting but also can track sales and create invoices. You can monitor the progress of your business anytime through QuickBooks. Furthermore, Quickbooks and TurboTax can be connected too. 

How To Download Quickbooks

The following are the steps to download Quickbooks-

  • You can keep a check on the financial aspect of your business through QuickBooks and file tax returns for the same through Turbotax
  • Downloading QuickBooks is also as easy as installing TurboTax in your systems. Moreover, QuickBooks can be downloaded on any device; it can be your phone or PC. 
  • You can download QuickBooks on your Android mobile through Google’s Play Store, and it is also available for your iOS devices. 
  • To operate the software on your PC, you can visit the official website and open the extension present on the screen. 
  • Go ahead by accepting the software license and agreeing to the conditions. 
  • You will get two options regarding custom and network. 
  • Select the suitable option and then select the location to place the software in your system. 
  • Then, click on the install button present on the screen. 
  • With these few simple steps, you can easily install Quickbooks and start monitoring your financial activities.

Benefits of Using Quickbooks

The following are the benefits of using Quickbooks-

  • Complete information on cash flow

You can connect QuickBooks with your bank account, which will keep a record of cash flow, including the transaction done from your account itself. Moreover, it can connect with various other apps and can sync the picture of receipts and bills too.

  • Track your invoices

It tracks your invoices and reminds you about the payments that are pending and needs to be made immediately.

  • Securing your data

Your data is completely safe with Quickbooks, and there’s always a backup present for your data anytime you need it. 

  • Giving access to others

With QuickBooks, you can also provide access to your Quickbooks account to anyone whom you want to monitor the transactions.

  • Get your GST details instantly

With QuickBooks, you can instantly get your GST details and upload them online to file your GST returns directly without much effort.


Can I download QuickBooks on my mobile phone?

Yes, QuickBooks can be downloaded through Google Play Store on your Android easily and also you can download QuickBooks on iOS devices.

Are TurboTax and QuickBooks the same?

No, TurboTax and QuickBooks are two different software designed by the same company. Turbotax helps you to file your tax returns where, whereas QuickBooks keeps a check on the accounts of your business.

Can TurboTax and QuickBooks be connected?

Yes, TurboTax and QuickBooks can be connected. You can also transfer your information from TurboTax to QuickBooks.

How to import your data from QuickBooks to TurboTax?

To import your data from QuickBooks to TurboTax, you need to open TurboTax and go to the file menu. Then, click on the import option, select ‘from accounting software ‘, and select Quickbooks. Then, continue to import your data further on TurboTax.


Turbotax and QuickBooks are the software designed by Intuit to provide you with financial assistance. On one hand where QuickBooks helps you by keeping track of your bank accounts, and on the other, TurboTax helps you to conclude your tax returns. 

Turbotax and QuickBooks can be used together by importing the data to  TurboTax. QuickBooks can help you to stay GST-compliant while keeping all your data safe and secure. 

Through QuickBooks, you can also access your account to the people you want. The QuickBooks app on mobile can help you check your account activity anytime, anywhere. To instantly monitor your account transactions, install Quickbooks from Play Store, or install it directly on your PC.


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