How To Install Turbotax with licence code

Turbotax is a software developed by Intuit that provides a convenient way of preparing and filing your tax returns virtually by using any device with a good internet connection. To use TurboTax, you require a 16-digit license code, which will verify the software and will help you to get done with the installation of the software and makes your filing and completion of tax returns virtually efficient. 

Features of TurboTax


Following are the features of TurboTax-

  • To operate the software and get ahead with the process, you need 16 digit license code which consists of alphabets and numbers. 
  • Once you have purchased it, you can use it anytime you wish for a tenure of 3 years.
  • Even if you are unable to get the location of the software on your device, you can sign in to my downloads and tap on TurboTax again as you had done earlier. 
  • Select the location for the software, download it, and you are ready to use TurboTax again.

Ways To Download TurboTax

There are two different ways to download TurboTax. Either you can directly get it downloaded and installed from a retailer, or you can download and install TurboTax from the official website, i.e.

If you get it directly from an authorized retailer, your 16-digit license code will be there in your order confirmation. So keep a look at your order history or email. And in case it’s not there, immediately contact your retailer. 

Now, if you download and install TurboTax directly from the website 

You can spot your  license code in the following:

  • your order confirmation screen
  • in your email confirmation
  • in your download folder
  • go to install TurboTax with the license code

Next, you need to select the files with the details of taxes and then CD/Download the product. Further click on the ‘ access my downloads ‘ option to continue. Sign in to the account that you had used earlier to purchase the software license. Tap on the downloads option to find your 16-digit license code for TurboTax. Return to the install screen and enter the code to continue with the process.

Different ways of obtaining the license code for TurboTax

  • Obtaining TurboTax CD from a retailer:

You will find your license code on the front of the insert box if you have purchased it from an authorized retailer

  • obtaining the code from installing TurboTax :

Your license code will be printed directly on the packing slip if you install it directly from the website.

  • Obtaining the license code through TurboTax advantage: 

Obtaining the license code through TurboTax advantage, you will receive it on the envelope of the same.

Note: If you purchased the product in 2019, then it will have 14 digit license code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the license code compromise 16 or 14 characters?

The unique license code for TurboTax consists of various numbers and alphabets. However, if the product was purchased in 2019 or before that, it may have 14 characters, and if it is purchased after 2019, then it will contain 16 characters.

How can we obtain the license code for TurboTax?

The license code for TurboTax can be obtained depending on the way the product is purchased or obtained. It would vary on the type of purchase you have made. 

Which way is better to get the license code?

Downloading TurboTax from has its own perks. You will find your license code either through your email or in your download folders, or you can get the license code by visiting the official website

How will the confirmation of order be given if the TurboTax is purchased from an authorized retailer? 

The confirmation order purchased from an authorized retailer will be provided through email, in your device’s download folder, on the confirmation screen, or you will have to visit the official website of TurboTax.


Turbotax is a modern way to file your tax returns and complete them virtually by using any device you have. All you need to have is a license code of 16 or 14 unique characters consisting of alphabets and numbers, depending on the time you have bought it.

You can get the essential license code for TurboTax through various methods. Depending upon your purchase type, you will get the license code, and once you receive it, you can start your journey on TurboTax. 

You can activate the services on TurboTax easily by generating them through the installation activation key on TurboTax. And still, if you are facing any difficulty, the support team of TurboTax is always there to help you out. You can contact the sales executive at TurboTax by calling, and you can also have a live chat if you want. 

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