ProConnect Online Tax Review

ProConnect Tax Online is a cloud-based professional tax preparation tool created exclusively for businesses using QuickBooks Online Accountants. It is offered on a pay-per-return basis with no annual fee and offers strong features, including missing data review and document management. 

A tax planner with the capacity to project numerous case scenarios is also included, along with a K-1 package. Unfortunately, forms 5500 and 706 cannot be prepared by it, even though it can handle a wide range of different business and individual returns.

ProConnect Tax Online is a cloud-based software for tax professionals provided by Intuit. You may access more than 5,700 individual and corporate tax return forms with ProConnect Tax Review, including 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, the 1120s, 709, and 990. Some tax software only processes straightforward tax returns. 

The thousands of crucial diagnostics, automatic calculations, and suggestions that ProConnect Tax professionals have access to enable them to handle complex cases without missing any deductions or dealing with e-file rejections. ProConnect tax should be distinct from TurboTax, which is designed for average taxpayers rather than tax experts.

ProConnect Tax Online Review

Freelancers, companies, charity organizations, and small to mid-sized corporations all benefit greatly from ProConnect Tax. In addition, it interfaces with a wide range of other tax-related software packages, including LukkaTax, EasyACCT, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Intuit Practice Management. Continue reading for a list of ProConnect Tax’s advantages beyond its speedy connection to QuickBooks.

Advantages Of ProConnect Tax Online

Cloud-Based Tax Management Software.

For organizations of all sizes, ProConnect can assist with managing payments, papers, electronic filing, and more. The platform enables businesses and large organizations to produce and distribute documents with internal and external stakeholders via a single interface. They can import client information from other external accounting systems and access a variety of forms. As we have explained, ProConnect Tax and QuickBooks can easily be connected.

Built-in Tax Planner. 

Using this special function, you can create contrasting scenarios. Additionally, you may calculate your tax liabilities, examine and export tax summaries in PDF formats, and compare previous data. Data entry, third-party integration, document uploads, review management, and similar features are additional useful tools.

Inuit Connection.

To uncover gaps and shorten future review times before filing, you or your tax attorney can easily flag files that lack data. Thanks to a single secure web portal provided by the Inuit Link, gathering client documentation is a simple operation. Utilize this unified repository to organize your documents and store them by the client for rapid retrieval and sharing with other team members. You can also automate document gathering and data entry.

Disadvantages Of ProConnect Tax Online

Unqualified Software Staff.

Software-related issues can arise, yet users report needing help communicating with software support staff. To deliver competent, worthwhile service, they may benefit from additional training on tax law and fundamental return preparation.

Cost Per Return.

The one-time charge for tax returns per person may be prohibitive for some businesses, depending on their demands. ProConnect offers discounted rates. However, occasionally, that might be a problem because smaller firms cannot afford the more expensive usual cost, which is double or triple the price.

Costs of ProConnect Tax Online.

Without using a credit card upfront, ProConnect Tax offers a free trial that you can use for whatever length you choose. In addition, instead of a demo edition with limited features, you’ll get to use the tax software’s full working application. 

If you are not currently a customer of Intuit, you must create an account and provide some information in order to obtain personalized support. The cost of ProConnect Tax is one flat fee per return. In this manner, you can only spend what is necessary. Check out the following prices, which include e-filing for municipal, multi-state, state, and federal returns.

ProConnect Tax Online’s User-Friendliness

By integrating ProConnect Tax Online with QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can easily access all of your data in one location. In addition, proConnect Tax Online gives you the ability to manage both your accounting and tax clients from a single dashboard, thanks to its user-friendly client site.

Changes you make to client information in QuickBooks Online Accountant will be automatically updated in ProConnect Tax Online. In addition, with the Prep for Taxes function, you can also use your client’s profit and loss statement and balance sheet for your year-end tax preparation.

Options besides ProConnect Tax.

Please be aware that the below prices and free trial offers may alter or already differ.

  1. TaxJar 

Cost: Three plans ranging in price from $19 to $99+ per month are offered.

Pros: This technology solution can better meet your tax needs if you run an eCommerce business. It also provides better support and has a user-friendly website.

Cons: If you are a different type of freelancer, TaxJar may not be suitable for your needs because it is best for eCommerce enterprises to manage sales tax.

  • Avalara

Cost: Basic returns start at $19 per month, and standard returns with computations cost $83 per month. There are bespoke packages available.

Pros: Avalara is great for mid-markets and offers a free trial.

Cons: The plans are more expensive overall, even though you can test them out for free.

  1. Canopy 

Cost: Prices begin at $25 per feature each month. For instance, time and billing for each user are $24 each month. Each user pays $40 per month for document management. Tax and workflow remedies cost $30 and $33, respectively.

Pros: Management of complex tax scenarios is incorporated.

Cons: There is no free trial available, and customers report connectivity problems with email monitoring, restrictions on using electronic signatures, and other minor aspects.


Intuit offers ProConnect Tax, a cloud-based program. You can therefore rely on its security settings to protect your information. Additionally, connecting to QuickBooks and other tax-related software is simple. ProConnect provides useful links that simplify getting customer data in one handy place. To save time, you can also set up automated features. For example, you may test thousands of intricate tax scenarios using the integrated tax planner. 

ProConnect Tax’s finest feature is that it gives you fast access to thousands of individual and corporate tax forms, including 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, the 1120s, 709, and 990. Because individual and corporation tax filings are flat-rate, you only have to pay for what you need. However, even with a free trial and a tiered price structure, it can still be expensive for freelancers and small business owners. 

A wonderful companion program for businesses that specialize in offering client services with QuickBooks Online is ProConnect Tax Review Online. It can be controlled from a single dashboard inside QuickBooks Online Accountant and integrates flawlessly. Although it’s the best option for businesses that prepare a small number of returns, the pay-per-return pricing model makes it expensive if you file many returns.