How to Start a Glance Intuit Remote Session?

Glance Intuit remote access is the screen-sharing tool one can rely upon, and it will share your screen with one of the tax experts from Intuit. So if you are using any of the intuit’s tax calculation and filing tool, glace intuit will help you connect to the experts and ultimately help you out. 

So now since you know what glance intuit does, let us know more about the software.

Glance Intuit Remote Session

The glance intuit remote session is a screen-sharing software. With the help of this software, any user can share the screen with TurboTax or else QuickBooks, which Intuit offers. All one must do is use the “ remote access website.” 

Intuit uses the assistance of Glance Intuit. It generally uses Glance’s screen share and mobile app sharing software. Technically, this software is helping customers interact with tax experts from Intuit through an app. Also, this session can use the TurboTax app screen to the tax expert of Intuit through the software from Glance.

Regarding privacy and security issues, glance intuit is the one that takes care of these concerns regarding user data. The tax expert from the other side of the connection is the one and only person who can access or view the user’s screen. No other member will be able to get access or data presented through the sharing screen. 

Glance generally uses the two-factor authentication process, which includes the user’s authentication from one side before starting the remote session and the agent’s authentication from the other before joining the session. Only after completing the two authentications can one connect with the representative or the tax expert from Intuit. It is reliably a much more secure website for users. This sounds great, right!!

Here are a few steps you can follow and get the software’s help within minutes.

Installation of Glance Intuit Software

Firstly, one needs to download the Glance Intuit Remote Access Software to use Glance Intuit. For this, the following steps are to be done:

Step 1: Visit the website of or else

Step 2: Begin downloading

Step 3: Open the download after completion of the download.

Step 4: Follow a few steps to download it for the PC or Mac.

Step 5: After installing on your PC or Mac, one can kick-start the software.

Step 6: Later, after the software has established its connection, a 5 – digit code will be provided from intuit. After entering such code, the join session will begin.

Step 7: One can freely converse with the tax expert from Intuit once the agent from the other side of the connection enters the code.

Note: Same steps can be followed by using QuickBooks online or ProConnect Tax agent on your phone.

Downloading from the site needs to be initiated

In very few cases, the software download may not be initiated, even after following the steps. If this is the case, one can try any of the following methods.

Step 1: Try to refresh the entire website page once and for all. This step will help to fix the network-related problems and help the user to proceed with the download.

Step 2: Open the same website from a different browser other than the browser used initially.

Step 3: Checkout whether the internet connection is stable at one’s place or not.

Step 4: Checkout whether your network provider has yet to block the downloads from the website you are using.

Step 5: Finally, in case you are using the VPN, check it as well to see if any downloads from the Glance websites are blocked.

Overall, this is installing and operating the glance intuit software through one’s phone, PC, or Mac. Now comes the question of how one should end the screen-sharing session once the task is finished, that is, click on the red hang-up button. 

This will enable the user to end the remote session more quickly and easily. In addition, after completing the remote session, users can also hang up the session if they feel uncomfortable with the screen-sharing process by clicking on the red hang-up button.

Disconnected from the Remote Session

If the internet connection or the network could be better at one’s place, then the user can provide the phone number to the agent of intuit over the phone, even before initiating the remote session. 

Therefore, even if one’s remote session on glance intuit got disconnected in the middle of the remote session, the agent will be able to call back the user and continue the tax returns accordingly. This is rather easier to help the users when they are placed in some bad internet-connected areas.

Also, if the user has not shared their phone number with the agent, then there will be no other process to continue the session when it gets disconnected. The user can only have the choice of starting a new session once again from the beginning.


The steps mentioned above will help the users get access to the website much easier, smarter, and quickest way. This is the most reliable website where one can provide their data to tax experts without any issues with privacy and security. In addition,, a remote access website, will provide guidance or assistance for the user in calculating, computing, and paying taxes. 

Expert advice is always preferred while filing income tax returns. Therefore, the glance intuit software will help a person accordingly through the screen-sharing software. As already mentioned, can also be used for the Turbo Tax, QuickBooks, and ProConnect Tax agents. All you need to do is to download the extension to your browser.