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TurboTax is software designed to make the filing and completion of tax returns easy for American and Canadian citizens virtually. Turbotax is best at its product segment, competing with various tax planning software globally. 

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Using TurboTax, you can conveniently prepare your tax returns on your own. Visit to get started, and then enter the 16-digit license code you have received. Being a market leader in the product segment, Turbotax software provides a very systematic and structured, which may also help you to maximize your tax returns.

How To Download TurboTax

To Download TurboTax, follow these steps-

  • The activation code required to operate TurboTax is a key code of 16 digits. 
  • To sign in or to create an account on TurboTax, visit and enter your activation code. 
  • You can start filling your tax returns today by just visiting and activating your TurboTax Live Federal & State, and also you can activate your E-file product. 
  • To get your activation code, insert the product box. 
  • If you have purchased it through an authorized dealer, then you will have to wait for an e-confirmation that will show up in your e-mail or account order history.

Note: If you have purchased TurboTax Live via and are unable to find or receive the required 16-digit activation code, then immediately contact the company’s support office at the earliest

Virtually paying your tax through TurboTax has its own perks. The software is designed to save your time and simplify the tax filing and completing process. 

Benefits of Using TurboTax

The following are the benefits of using TurboTax-

  • Automatically and Accurate 

With TurboTax, you don’t need to download any application as TurboTax itself allows its user to have access to accurate taxation statements files. Moreover, TurboTax would scan and credit your bank trades.

  • Keeps upgrading the software regularly 

Turbotax’s software is updated on a yearly basis to provide smooth functioning for its users. It is software that will keep all your records safe and will help you through any tax situation you may face.

  • Maximizes tax refunds

Turbotax would provide you assistance at every step to fulfil your tax yields. Therefore, this program would further guide us to the end. Moreover, this program would also guide you to make deductions that can be made to save your cash.


What is required to begin with TurboTax?

It is quite an easy process to begin your journey with TurboTax. Just visit the official website and purchase it. Then, you will get a 16-digit activation code with which you can start the process.

Can Turboxtax be used to file tax returns in Canada?

Turbotax is software designed for both American and Canadian taxpayers. You can easily take the benefit from TurboTax to complete your tax formalities both in Canada and America.

Are the latest tax reforms added to the TurboTax software?

Yes, TurboTax keeps operating its software on a yearly basis. So, you don’t have to worry about the latest tax reforms added to the system.

Do TurboTax provides accurate tax statements?

Yes, TurboTax tries to deliver 100% accurate statements to satisfy its users and complete the formalities.


Turbotax is online software committed to making your tax-paying process less complicated. Just by visiting the official website, i.e., you can start with the process requiring a 16-digit activation code.

While clearing your tax returns through Turbotax, you will not get the guidance but can also discuss with experts if you need any help with the same.

Turbotax software is available both for Canadian and American citizens. And being a market leader TurboTax keeps upgrading itself timely to make your task easier.

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