The Ultimate TurboTax Online Review

This article will explain all the necessary details about TurboTax by Intuit with TurboTax Review. Since 1993, Inuit has supplied TurboTax as a premier supplier of financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, freelancers, independent contractors, and business owners. If you wish to submit your taxes online, TurboTax is a well-known personal tax preparation program. Using one of the numerous TurboTax plans, including the free one, you can accurately file your federal and state income tax returns. 

TurboTax Software Review

Whether you have a single W2 or numerous receipts for different costs, you may submit your taxes online using the TurboTax software. View the advantages of utilizing the tax preparation program TurboTax. 

Advantages of TurboTax

According to the TurboTax Review, it is quite a beneficial software. 

Following are some of the pros of using TurboTax: 

  1. Easy to Use – You can navigate easily through TurboTax’s user interface at your leisure. Your progress is tracked, and the tasks you still have to finish are shown on a banner. There are numerous resources available to you inside of TurboTax, including embedded links, help buttons, on-screen chat help, and other features. Many TurboTax plans, including Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed, have a feature called ItsDeductible. When you donate assets like furniture, clothing, and other stuff, you can easily determine the value of the tax benefit.
  2. Import Various Tax Documents – You can instantly import your tax information if your employer is a TurboTax partner. The data can also be transferred by taking a picture of your W2 and uploading it to your TurboTax account. Additionally, you can upload specific 1099s. You can upload client 1099-NEC documents using the Self-Employed plan simply by taking pictures. 

Utilizing the tax preparation program TurboTax, you may enter expenses and profits from Uber, Lyft, and Square. Additionally, you can import tax return PDFs in electronic form from other businesses like H&R Block, TaxAct, TaxSlayer, and others. Do you invest in cryptocurrencies? With the Premier plan, 4,000 transactions can be imported at once. 

  1. Help Support Convenience – You may find solutions all over the TurboTax website thanks to searchable forums and video courses. Additionally, the chatbot is a useful digital assistant available around-the-clock to provide tech support, and all paid packages include access to a tax consultant. 

There is also access to real-time, on-screen tax advice. Every package includes TurboTax Live, which allows you to examine your tax return with a professional one-on-one before filing. Additionally, TurboTax Live offers limitless tax advice throughout the year. You can ask them anything at any moment using a one-way video in which you can see them, but they cannot.

Let’s say you wish to do away with sophisticated tax software completely. Choose the Live Full Service in that situation to have a tax preparer meet with you virtually. Then, when your tax return is prepared for review, they will reconvene once they have finished working on it.

  1. Option to Upgrade for Live Support – If you pay extra, you may send your documents to a specialist who will handle everything for you while also having access to an expert at any time with only a few clicks.
  2. Offers Mobile Version for Convenience – Use the web or mobile versions to do your taxes or alternate between the two. The desktop version does not have access to this.
  3. Tax Return Storage – According to TurboTax Review, one of the major pros offered by TurboTax is that your completed tax returns from TurboTax will be kept in your account for up to seven years.

Cost of TurboTax

For TurboTax, there are both free and paid options. A final review until March 31st and alternatives for live access to a tax specialist is included with each plan.

With the help of this TurboTax package, you may file your taxes for free. You cannot, however, file different schedules 1, 2, or 3 of the 1040 or itemize anything.

  • Just simple tax returns
  • File a state return and 1040
  • There is a free live version accessible.

The following are among the three premium packages offered by TurboTax. Promotional rates, however, can be accessible at certain times.

There are four options to file your taxes with TurboTax, one of which is free for straightforward tax circumstances.

Although TurboTax is expensive, it offers a nice user experience and the choice to upgrade for professional assistance.

QuickBooks users who self-file their taxes will find TurboTax to be extremely helpful. 

According to one of the TurboTax Reviews, the most expensive choice for filing taxes online is TurboTax, but it provides a top-notch user interface and access to professionals. In addition, for self-employed filers who utilize QuickBooks integration, it’s extremely useful.

Compared to other tax preparation services, TurboTax is more expensive. For a combined federal and state return, additional packages can cost at least $100.

Depending on your specific tax demands, TurboTax online offers four distinct ways to submit your taxes. You can start and enter your information without paying for any versions except desktop computer applications. When submitting your federal and state tax forms, you must pay at the end.

According to a TurboTax Review, TurboTax Live is one of the program’s most impressive help services. It gives limitless live tax advice throughout the year and a one-on-one consultation with a tax expert before you file. In addition, one-way video allows you to communicate with a tax expert on the spot (they can see your screen but not you). 

Additionally, TurboTax provides Live Full Service, which does away entirely with tax software. Alternatively, you input your tax records, and a person creates your tax return. 

You’ll be paired with a tax preparer, speak with them on a video call before they go to work, and then meet up again when your return is prepared for inspection. For you, the preparer files the tax return. Depending on the intricacy, prices for federal returns range from $199 to $389, plus $54 for each state return. 


The industry standard for do-it-yourself tax preparation, TurboTax sets the bar with its user-friendly interface and selection of human support choices. Although its items are expensive, savvy buyers may discover that equivalent offering from rival companies offers a better value.